The Proposal: Buying the Ring

Buying an engagement ring is the very first step in your audition for the honour of planning a wedding with your prospective partner. It is a lot of work.

The Proposal: Planning & Implementation

We've all seen the videos of guys going to extraordinary lengths to get their proposal to go viral and give women the world over unrealistic expectations of what men are capable of. I am not one such man.

Planning the Wedding: Picking the Venue

1 of Europe’s Top 20 Resorts by Conde Nast

I had passed the audition with flying colors. I was to be leading man in Christina and Joe: The Wedding. Now to decide where to have it.

Brides and Grooms tend to take different approaches and have different opinions when planning a wedding. We are no different.

The invitations turned out the be the biggest job of the entire wedding planning process and thought us some lessons that you'd think would have been pretty obvious from the beginning.

Planning The Wedding: American Things

Living in America and marrying an American gave this wedding a whole new dimension, one that I had only ever seen satirized on television and in the movies. At least I thought it was satire until I lived it.

The Wedding: Lead Up

We thought we had the final couple of weeks planned out so well that we would be immune to stress. Much like that one friend you can't get rid of, it follows you around at wedding time.

The Wedding: The Final 48 Hours

This is where things got really fun. The Yanks had all arrived and were either in Galway or making their way there and everything was all wedding all the time.

The Wedding: The Day Itself

There is little to say about this day that can't be done by videos and photos. That doesn't mean I'm not going to jot down a couple thousand words anyway.

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