Live-Tweeted: "Patty's" Day

Many Americans are clueless as to what St. Patrick's Day is or what it is supposed to represent. Here is a selection of their tweets.

The Great Flake Shortage of 2013

Good weather in Ireland brings with it a whole host of problems.

Read Love/Hate Season 1 Summary

Love/Hate is not the longest tv series in the world but with season 4 coming soon, you may bot have the access or the time to catch up on what you have missed or may have forgotten. Do it here in minutes.

Kony 2012

People may forget about Kony next week, or better yet he will be brought to justice. Unfortunately, the problem still won't be solved - millions of people are affected by the war and there are many real ways to help.

Which Came First, the chicken or the egg?

A modern twist on the age old question on which came first. We find out at the end that it was the ...

Oxegen Festival Survival Guide

Tips on how to avoid having a terrible time at a music festival and reasons why you might want to go in the first place.

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