About Me

Short Version:
I am Joe and I think that I can write some funny stuff by drawing on my life experiences of losing calves, getting lost among 40,000 people on St. Patrick's Day, making bad life choices before some good ones, along with the fact that I now live in America having grown up in Ireland for the best part of 22 years.

Less Short Version:
While I hope to some day get a book out of the story of my life, at the tender age of 30 (and I mean tender in the most I'm-already-an-arthritic-old-man way possible) I think a couple of short paragraphs should suffice. Mainly because my life isn't even close to interesting enough for a book.

My interest in writing stems from the fact that I like to read, but I never put enough time into either preferring to waste my time at other less noble pursuits. Those pursuits have gone from farming to sport to drinking and on to being American.

I grew up in Ireland on a farm. I was left to run the farm for a week when I was in fourth class (about 9 years old) and managed to deliver a healthy calf having stayed up all night with the cow. I left to herd the rest of the cattle only to come back and find that the new calf's twin was stillborn, a twin that I had no idea existed, and being licked by her mother. It was one of the most crushing disappointments in my life and also served as a very harsh and cruel lesson. School that day was torture.

The first time I was in Croke Park I saw Corofin win the All-Ireland Club Football Final and Sarsfields lose the Hurling equivalent. In my excitement, I ran off down to the field all on my own because pitch invasions were in style at the time. I got lost on my way down and started to cry, missing a sizable portion of Ray Silke's very long speech. This is my first memory of doing a really dumb thing without thinking, a theme that has continued throughout my life.

When I was 18, I had the world at my feet captaining both my school Senior team and my club Minor team in the same year as well as being a Prefect. Then college happened in every way. I drank regularly and heavily, blew out my knee playing football, and watched a silly amount of Deal or no Deal. To this day I am still unsure which one was more detrimental to my life.

I then fell in love and moved to America, put on some more weight, and got engaged before the grey hairs made me completely unmarketable. Now I try to write what I can about what I know. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's very funny. If you don't find it funny, then you are not in on the joke. Once or twice it has been serious but only on very special occasions.

Please take a look around, stay as long as you like. Make your presence known. The more people I know are reading, the more effort I will make at making posts extra awesome.

There are many ways to get in contact with me, be it to complain, criticize, sue, compliment, or maybe you're just looking for a new friend. They are listed all over the website but here they are all on one page.

E-mail: joeydonn@gmail.com

Should you wish to write a strongly worded letter:

Joe Donnellan

The "Ireland" must be in huge block capitals or there is no way it will find it's way to me. The fact that I am in America right now doesn't matter, it'll still find me.

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