Joy Review

Joy 50 Word Synopsis

Jennifer Lawrence has a miserable, and frankly pretty weird life. She does what anyone in her position would do and goes on to found a business dynasty and becomes the true boss of her family. She gets fucked over a few times along the way but learns to fuck back.

Joy 100 Word Review

I found myself scowling or shaking my head at the screen throughout this movie. Whatever "quirky" cord David O. Russell was trying to strike was lost on me. All of the family sit-downs with people ganging up on and yelling at Joy/the camera was annoying, confusing and ridiculous. There was very little dramatically to keep me interested and only one point in the movie where I was genuinely hoping Joy wouldn't fail - the reason being I couldn't stand any more misery in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence was better than average but the rest of the cast was wasted.

This was awesome

Um... positives... positives... I am all for strong female roles in movies, more of this please but (yes I'm going to be negative in the positive section) this does not need to be at the cost of every other character in the movie. Why cast Robert De Niro if you're not going to use him?

But what the fuck was this about?

I could fill a Jay Z song with the number of problems I have with this movie but I will try to center on two:
  • Why was Bradley Cooper in this movie? This is the third Russell movie in just 4 years that Cooper and Lawrence have starred in together. I wouldn't mind as much if they were love interests and he needed their chemistry. It just seemed needless casting.
  • Why make a movie very loosely based on a person's life and then name it after the person? I get the concept of dramatic licence but this movie takes that to a new level.