Game of Thrones Quotes Season 2

Tyrion with a compliment (?) for Cersei.

This weirdly sexy wildling chick could be right

This plain sexy Red Priestess could be right too

Yoren - one of the most underrated minor characters

Varys on survival

Littlefinger on survival

Melisandre on death

Maester Luwin on death - of magic

The turning point for Theon. This is what turns him into what he becomes.

Varys throwing all his weight behind Tyrion.

Yoren with a great death

And we all thought she was a silly little idiot

Bronn's turn for some truth

I have to say the names

Some people call him Stannis the Mannis

Margaery Tyrell has entered the game

Tyrion tormenting poor Lancel

Spoken like George RR Martin himself

Or maybe he just wants to get into your pants Daenerys

Ser Rodrik on being beheaded

Ygritte on being beheaded


Daenerys believes in her own hype

And then it all falls to shit

Jon Snow with an embarrassing boner

Yes m'lord

So young to think this way

Cersei with a rare moment of clarity


And the liking of Jaime continues in spite of what he's done

She knows more about her brothers cocks than they do

Khaleesi wants her motherfucking dragons back

Tyrion is fearful

Joffrey is not

Cersei is a cunt and knows how to use it

Tyrion is brave

The Hound may well be braver

Oh bollocks

Littlefinger getting rewarded for being a complete prick

Varys tries to steal his main piece

Jaime is dying to get between Brienne's legs

Poor Theon

Poor Tyrion

Poor Arya

Poor Halfhand


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