Game of Thrones Quotes Season 1

Waymar Royce exerts his authority over poor Will.

Ned Stark with a chilling prophecy that is almost always true.

Ned Stark determined to pass on his values to his kids.

Tyrion dropping knowledge bombs from Day 1.

That shows some real dedication to his cause if nothing else.

More dedication to a cause - this one being "fucking his sister" as opposed to allowing his sister to be fucked.
The half-man speaks true.

And again.

He's also got his priorities in order.

Arya with a clever name for her sword.

I can't wait for him to come through on this promise.

King Robert wasn't wrong on this one. Except for his use of the word "we".

Tyrion explaining himself.

Can Ned Stark do no wrong? What a brilliant leading man.

Jaime Lannister is a pompous prick. Pretty sure I'm never going to like him.

He's not wrong here, though.

Ned Stark imparts more wisdom, this time to Arya.

And Cersei Lannister imparts some wisdom to her son, Joffrey. I guess.

Ned Stark is having a tough time of it.

Arya Stark proves that she knows a thing or two.

Old Nan scaring the living shit out of every viewer.

Littlefinger is always one step ahead it seems.

King Robert bringing us all back down to earth.

Ya, this Jaime Lannister is still a piece of shit.

Benjen Stark making some sense but he's still very fucking grim.

Everyone's favorite character for about 3 episodes.

This Tyrion Lannister chap seems pretty agreeable, aside from his sharp tongue.

Syrio is teaching Arya things that Ned never could.

I feel kind of bad for this poor, fat bastard.

And he wasn't lying.

Looks a bit like Viserys woke the dragon, the reptilian little fuckboy.

And here's Catelyn Stark beginning the entire war and killing her husband.

It seems King Robert was once capable of something other than drinking and whoring.

Lancel Lannister is there to be a punching bag for King Robert.

Bronn and Tyrion are about to make fast friends.

*sarcasm alert*

Possibly my favorite exchange of the entire show.

And Arya has found herself a new religion.

So sincere. Maybe this cheeky little shit is going to turn a corner.

Well that was fucking grim but awesome.

And this chick has turned stone cold real fast.

I'm Tywin Lannister. I skin deer all the time.

There it is.

Littlefinger saying what every man thinks all the time.

And now we see his plan of action.

Honorable until his friends last breath. Good old honorable Ned. He'll go far.


And Syrio kills them all, escapes and is sure to pop up again somewhere.

Money is going to get Tyrion anywhere he needs to go.

Just got two of my fingers bitten off by a direwolf. Great banter.

Light at the end of a dark tunnel for Ned. 

But is he going to use the lifeline afforded to him by his daughter?

Old, blind Maester Aemon must be the second most honorable man in Westeros.

Looks like Tyrion had a difficult past. I really like this dude.

And Joffrey absolutely shits all over every thing I thought I knew about tv shows.

Catelyn looks stone cold here. She means business.

Sansa has been played.

Another truth bomb from Jaime Lannister. He's detestable but he's got style.

She does make a very good point but Drogo was awesome.

Did Jon Snow learn anything from his father? Or his father's death? Was he his father?

If she was talking about Mirri Maz Duur, she was fully correct.


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