Love/Hate Season 1 Summary

Love/Hate Season 1: Episode 1 Summary

We meet all of our main characters pretty quickly. Nidge is watching a video on Youtube about guns, not updating his Bebo page like he tells Trish. He had genital warts but that was years ago. Darren is after coming home from Spain, where there seems to be a lack of barber shops. Robbie, Darren's brother, is just coming out of prison with an over used middle finger and an under used cock.

Tommy is a sap who is supposed to be picking up Robbie but instead is having sex with Mary, Darren and Robbie's large breasted and worrisome sister. Darren calls Robbie and listens as Robbie is filled with bullets outside the shop. Darren cries and squats and blames Tommy, who is unable to express (or is devoid of) emotion.

Darren gets arrested. Nidge collects some debts, does some terrible parking and heads to court to watch Darren get off on a technicality. Pat the solicitor has no morals. All the Dublin gang members pay their respects at the house, including John Boy who is the kingpin and his brother, Cue Ball who is clearly an idiot. Stumpy is another member, important only because he is now banging Darren's ex-girlfriend Rosie.

Jimmy Byrne is getting the blame for murdering Robbie because he skipped town. Robbie glassed him in the face while they were inside. Everybody cries as the coffin is closed and Darren's thoughts immediately turn to fucking Rosie and getting revenge. After the funeral, he finds out that Rosie is up the Damien Duff and that John Boy is wondering whether Tommy needs to be clipped or not.

Nidge, Tommy, and Darren head into the Wicklow mountains with Nidge's semi automatic in tow. Tommy damn near shites himself on the way up there. He's sure he's about to die but is dutiful enough to follow the lads anyway. Darren says that if he's not going to shoot Tommy for being late for Robbie, then he wouldn't shoot him for riding his sister. They have massive craic with the Glock 17 for the rest of the evening.

Love/Hate Season 1: Episode 2 Summary

The Robbie thing isn't going away. Mary is staring out windows and Darren is staking out Jimmy Byrne's house. Everyone else is smoking weed and pumping iron. Except for Cue Ball who's snorting enough coke to knock an elephant. Darren is also texting Rosie and helping John Boy to import some drugs. It's all going down while John Boy is in court. On the way, Darren pulls a gun on a physic that Mary has been seeing and tells him to tell Mary what she wants to hear. He faints and probably pisses himself.

Darren realizes that the safe house where the lads are planning on taking the shipment is being watched . They have a shitload of drugs and nowhere to go with it and John Boy is in court with his phone off. Everyone swallows their sim cards. Tommy's friend, JP, who owns a car dealership comes to the rescue but has no idea what sort of shit he's landed himself in. Cue Ball acts the wanker but the mission is a success. All coke is passed off as quickly as possible and Nidge makes it home on time to threaten the clown at Warrens birthday party and cut the cake.

The physic calls Mary to tell her everything's ok and Darren continues to stalk Jimmy Byrne's missus. Nidge proposes to Trish even though they fight more than they talk to each other. JP goes to the celebratory drug deal party later and clearly isn't going to fit in too well. Stumpy is lifting more weights, practicing for some boxing that's coming up later. He's getting very jealous of Rosie and Darren.

At John Boy's party, there's no expense spared on hookers and drugs. Darren and Rosie are having a nice, quiet, sinister night in, after which Darren heads to John Boy's party to show his face. Elmo, another of the gang hits JP a cocaine-fueled smack. John Boy isn't happy with the amount of time Darren spent at the party and tells him to fuck off. While deep in contemplation, Darren gets a call from Jimmy Byrne telling him that he didn't clip Robbie and that he's coming back. Darren goes and lamps the shite out of some man who's been putting his rubbish in Mary's bin - if you know what I mean. He's literally been putting his bags of rubbish in Mary's wheelie bin.

Season 1: Episode 3

Nidge and the lads arrive home from Nidge's stag in Prague to the news that Jimmy fucking Byrne is back. He's a dead man walking according to John Boy. Darren is giving Stumpy a pain in his bollix. Darren is getting very clingy with Rosie. He cries a little, and not through his penis. They decide there's not a future for them. Trish tries on sexy bridal underwear and she look glorious, before going with Nidge to check out a big, fuck-off castle for a wedding venue.

Jimmy Byrne gets jumped and thrown in the back of a van. Darren lets him away with his life which the lads see as a sign of weakness. Mary is mad to bone Tommy so she wants everyone to  go to the swimming pool which sounds promising until Nidge shows up in Speedos. Cue Ball offers to kill Jimmy Byrne on his own. Darren heads out to make things more awkward with Rosie. He cries through his eyes and shites through his mouth.

Cue Ball calls Martin the tinker, enlisting his help for the bit of murdering he has to do. Tommy and Mary dry hump in the sauna. Cue Ball and Martin kill Jimmy Byrne in front of his wife and baby and get absolutely wankered in Martin's caravan. Rosie forgets to get Stumpy something in the chemist so obviously he wallops her to a pulp and leaves her writhing on the floor covered in a hastily thrown blanket.

Darren gets arrested, along with Nidge, Tommy (who rode Nidge's niece), Elmo and John Boy. Police find Rosie when they go to Stumpy's house. Cue Ball is getting very paranoid by the headlines in the papers, thinking that John Boy is about to have him clipped. John Boy is giving Stumpy a place to stay but isn't impressed. Cue Ball's paranoia gets the better of him and he kills Martin with a cue ball in a sock (hence the nickname) and a rock.

Cue Ball enlists John Boy's help (who has a boot full of supplies for just the occasion) to burn the caravan and then drops the bombshell that it was him that killed Robbie over a measly three hundred euro. We're left with Rosie dying in the hospital, Nidge ordering in Thai,  Martin getting sent to the great caravan in the sky, while Darren is piecing together the fact that Cue Ball might have shot Robbie.

Love/Hate Season 1: Episode 4 Summary

Darren knocking shite out of Stumpy
Rosie is alive. Her baby is not. She's obviously devastated about it, talking to Darren. He offers to move to London with her and stares into the distance as she pours her heart out. She decides she doesn't want Stumpy killed, just maimed or at least badly beaten. Thy will be done, Rosie love, as Darren jumps Stumpy as he's getting into his car and lamps the shite out of him. Mary finds a gun in her house and kicks Darren out.

Trish is worried as to whether John Boy and Cue Ball or Darren will be coming to the wedding. John Boy says he's not and there looks like there's going to be trouble. Nidge has blue balls from Trish making him wait until their wedding night. Darren tries to move in with Tommy but gets shot at by Cue Ball. Darren manages to shoot the driver who turns out to be Elmo so Darren saves his life.

It's the wedding day. Cue Ball is getting his drink on in the morning. And his coke on. And his smoke on. Himself and John Boy decide they're going to the wedding. They get rightly fucked up beforehand and John Boy tells Nidge he needs to get off the fence. Tommy tries to ride Mary when she's at her most vulnerable but ends up on Nidge's niece instead. Typical Tommy. Cue Ball drops Nidge and Tommy in it before he leaves and John Boy threatens Darren, who doesn't listen. Trish is getting drunk on her own, thinking about the prostitutes Nidge had in Prague.

Stumpy's revenge
Elmo is out of hospital and goes for a drive with Cue Ball, who's acting the major bollix. He's spoiling for trouble. He pulls a gun on Tommy's friends JP for no reason. JP cries and Cue Ball leaves. He's being an awful wanker to Elmo too, who's getting right sick of him. Cue Ball plays a game of Russian Roulette with himself and loses. Elmo makes the executive decision not to try and save him.

Darren and John Boy are contemplating their respective next moves. Darren decides on London for Rosie but wants to square things with John Boy first. He achieves this after the funeral in a very cryptic scene where there's talk of vultures, monks and pesticides, and heads off home. On his way he gets shot in a drive-by by Stumpy and falls to the ground, his hands still in his pockets. We don't know if he's going to make season 2.


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