Oxegen Festival Survival Guide

Oxegen Festival Survival Guide

(This post for originally written for Hotpress Magazine. I won (along with with 9 other people), was published in the magazine, and got to go up to Dublin for my prize. I'm pretty sure my parents were away so I drove the Jeep up to Dublin to get there. The prize was 100 euro. The diesel and parking probably cost more. I have no idea who the other guy in the picture below is - and I never did)

These aren't so much reasons, as experiences from last year to help twist your arm if you're half thinking about going this year... 

  1. Crowd surfing - Everyone around is concentrating on you. If you get dropped though you're on your own!
  2. The food - My god is it shit but how else would you get away with drinking yourself into a stupor for a whole three days, spending two hundred euro on food, not take a shit all weekend and still come back a stone lighter. You can't argue with results like that.
  3. The randomers - One guy from The Isle Of Mann stayed for 2 hours before disappearing. We didn't see him again until Monday morning and he was supposed to be in the tent beside us.
  4. The Bacardi bar - 7.50 for a drink but what a place. Trained pros behind the bar juggling, spinning and throwing bottles as well as tossing ice onto the packed dance floor. Has to be seen to be understood.
  5. The music - It wouldn't be a music festival without the music. And in fairness it was there in spades. I was in the arena listening to top quality music for 12 hours on the Sunday.

….And the tips from my Oxegen festival survival guide!

  1.  Bring a wheelbarrow - Yes you're reading it properly but if you had to lug around crates of beer for two hours before you get to put up a tent at all you'd understand.
  2. Rain-gear and old clothes - I went with two sets of clothes and no rain-gear  Ended up wearing Saturdays clothes home again on Monday because of my stupidity. And they were still wet.
  3. Don't set tents on fire - We…. I mean some people got in a lot of trouble (and had a lot of fun for this reason). The campsite was like a war zone in the early hours of Monday morning.
  4. Pace yourself - You're not going to manage to keep a permanent state of drunkenness so take it handy on the Friday night. And don’t drink in the arena. It’s a rip off.
  5. Join an angry mob - They just go around chanting “angry mob” and generally look threatening. They last all of 4 minutes before security comes over and everyone scatters. Harmless fun.

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