Cheating on Ireland

While on a late evening chocolate-biscuit-run (that's picking up biscuits to accompany a cuppa, rather than knocking out a quick 5k to offset calories from previously consumed biscuits) to our local grocery store recently, I picked up a tube of Hobnobs. That may not clear the increasingly high bar of things to write home about, but before I left I also picked up a box of Yorkshire tea. When questioned by Christina on why I did this, my response was a rather defensive "Because I like it!"

"Are you cheating on Barry's?" Christina asked, somewhat incredulous.
"No, I'm cheating on Ireland," I realized, shame enveloping me like the brownish color in a mug of hot water that has recently obliged a teabag.

Her reaction was similar to my own - faux outrage that actually had a slight tinge of concern beneath. Irish people are very particular about all things tea-related - squeeze the teabag or no? Milk before or after tea? If there's sugar involved…

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